Alumni Tails: Felix & Faviola

Mike and Barbara met Heaven on Earth during an adoption event at PetSmart Tujunga. The couple had recently lost their beloved Z-Boy after 17 years. After a few months had passed, they decided it was time to save a life and welcome a young adult cat into their family.

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Volunteer Spotlight: Kristi Musser

Kristi Musser does not want to be in the spotlight. She’d rather be anywhere else than sitting in a chair being asked questions. After all, what she does at Perry’s Place is not about her. It’s about the cats. Let me state that again…it's ALL about the cats. It is with great thanks to Kristi that she has taken a moment to talk about her favorite topic.

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Alumni Tails: Milo & Erin

Alexandra came to Perry’s Place knowing she wanted to adopt two young cats, possibly a bonded pair. But she couldn’t bear the thought of leaving one young cat home alone for long stretches of time when she set off to work, so two younger cats seemed to be perfect as they could keep each other company.

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Adoptable Cats: Art

While not a kitten in age, sweet and handsome Art can be quite kitten-like when he is playing. His favorite toys are those dipped in catnip! He is sensitive and can be quite shy, but loves to be petted once he gets to know you. He is especially good at comforting his more timid roommates and shines when he has your full attention.

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Alumni Tails: Jaq

Heaven on Earth met Jaq at a city shelter early in the year. With his foxy good looks, Jaq received lots of attention and soon caught the eye of a nice woman who was looking for an orange male cat.

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Perry’s Place opens to the public!

On April 29, we held a formal rededication to celebrate opening the Perry MacFarlane Sanctuary to the public! This milestone was made possible by the tireless efforts of our dedicated staff and volunteers, as well as the extraordinary support of Best Friends, and will enable Heaven on Earth to save even more lives in the years ahead. […]

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Alumni Tails: The Airbenders

The Maternity Room at Perry’s Place stayed full all winter long; in warmer climates, kitten births never fully stop. In early December, six mostly-black kittens arrived at the Los Angeles North Central shelter and Heaven on Earth took them in four days later. […]

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